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Take a book, discover nature, change your world.

Reading & Workshops

Family-friendly experiences

Through storytelling, writing workshops, playful activities, and contact with nature, we promote the conservation of our natural resources. Our goal is to show you about endangered animals and plants because we believe that knowledge provides us with the tools to effectively identify a species and contribute to its preservation. We encourage the observation of our surroundings and the connection with nature so that we can all help take care of it.

Why Cuentos Verdes?

Cuentos Verdes experiences invite you to imagine, connect, and protect nature. Our mission is to foster a deep connection with trees, animals, and our environment through writing and reading. If you want to immerse yourself in the pages of a book under the shade of an oak, a ceiba, or an almond tree, Cuentos Verdes is for you. If you want to write with the singing of the reinita, the múcaro, or the turpial as an inspiring backdrop, embark on your nature literature experience today.

Read, write, and connect with nature!
Experience & Expertise

With over 7 years of storytelling about the environment and more than 14 years in the field of Environmental Consulting.

Miles traveled

We have traveled across the island of Puerto Rico and have also reached the United States, Costa Rica, and Spain.

Safety & Reliability

Over 3,000 boys and girls have benefited from the program.

For All Ages

We tailor activities to specific age groups.

Connect with your experience

Cuentos Verdes is literature within nature

The Manatee Experience

Marine pollution and conservation of the manatee.

- Connecting with nature
- Presentación de videos con datos del manatí
- Reading of the book "¡Achú, Achú, Pirulo!"
- Educational games that foster imagination

Environmental Stories Workshop

Environmental Issues and creative writing.

- Connecting with nature
- Reading of environmental stories
- Free writing exercises
- Games to enhance creativity

Live & in color Experience

Conservation of an endangered birds & deforestation.

- Connecting with nature
- Presentación de videos con datos del ave
- Reading of the book "En vivo y a todo color"
- Educational games that foster imagination

Meet Pamy

Specialist in environmental literature

Hello, I'm the founder of Cuentos Verdes. I love inventing stories, walking among the trees, having a book in front of me, and being behind the camera. Not only do I come up with stories, but I also enjoy writing them. I also adore photographing butterflies, mushrooms, or any natural wonder I come across. But more than anything, I really enjoy sharing my love for nature and literature with others. Join me for an environmental literature experience surrounded by nature.
If we get our boots muddy, even better!

Don't miss out on this unique family experience!

Stories that inspire

I have been a participant in the activities offered by Pamy Rojas, and I acknowledge her commitment to environmental education
Darelis Flores
School Teacher
Creativity, love for nature, and respect for each child's development make Pamy's activities leave an invaluable impact on every child's learning, one that will undoubtedly last a lifetime.
Lizandra Moreno
School Teacher
Pamy has been collaborating with my school for years organizing talks, and she has proven to be an excellent workshop facilitator.
Gladys Ortiz
School Teacher
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