Environmental Literature Specialist

Hello! I am Pamy Rojas, a writer, environmental educator, and nature lover. My passion for environmental conservation began when I was a child, exploring my grandfather's farm and swimming in the ocean water. I have always enjoyed walking among the trees, immersing myself in reading, and capturing the natural beauty through my camera.

My journey in the world of communication led me to write advertisements and articles about environmental issues, sparking my desire to share my love for nature and literature with others. I have collaborated with renowned publications such as El Nuevo Día and television programs like Geoambiente del Caribe.

Throughout my career, I have also worked on developing educational materials and editorial content for major publishing houses and environmental projects. However, my greatest achievement has been the creation of "Cuentos Verdes," a program dedicated to promoting environmental literature. With the publication of my book "Achú, achú, Pirulo!," which received international recognition, I brought this special project to life.

In addition to my academic experience in writing and creative writing, I am also certified as an Interpretive Guide (NAI), allowing me to combine environmental literature with activities in natural settings.

"Cuentos Verdes" is the result of the fusion of my passions: protecting the environment and spreading the magic of literature. 

"I would love to share this passion with you and help you discover the beauty of our natural surroundings!"

Meet the team

We are part of Cuentos Verdes
Elena, Educadora

Cuentos Verdes representa todo lo que me apasiona: la naturaleza y la docencia. Estoy agradecida de colaborar con este gran equipo, luchando por nuestro planeta y nuestras futuras generaciones. ¡Vamos a leer, jugar, aprender y disfrutar!

Yasmín, Comunicación

La naturaleza siempre ha sido sinónimo de paz para mí. Colaborar con Cuentos Verdes me permite aportar a mi respeto por el medioambiente desde mi propia trinchera como comunicadora.

Natalia, Graphic Artist

I am always very mindful of seeing every living being that comes to greet me. Collaborating with "Cuentos Verdes" combines two of my greatest passions: designing books and contributing to raising awareness about nature conservation.

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